If you are an artist or a collective and you are a mother/parent, you are invited to upload an image of your work and a statement. Your information will be translated into poster format and it will become part of the Procreate Project Archive. Anyone who is a mother or a primary caregiver making any type of work in any medium chosen, is welcome to join at any time. This open and non selective process creates an evolving living archive and a democratic digital art platform. 

These printable posters will allow PCP and anyone else internationally to create easy-to-set and low-cost public displays (commercial purposes are not allowed). The artists and their work are protected by our copyright policy and terms and conditions, please read them before uploading your work. 

The first hundreds uploads submitted by the 20th of February 2023 will be part of three public installations in the UK. Info will be announced soon. However this is ongoing project and Archive is open to anyone at any time. 



1. Insert your information

Country and postcode won't be made public.

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2. Upload Poster

You will be able to choose between two formats. One is image only and the other one includes one image and text (see examples). Please upload one image only that is most representative of your practice, or that best accompanies the statement that you might include in the poster. You can create a JPG with text in it as content if you have a text based practice.

The text to include here can be a message that accompanies your work and that you want to send out in the world for the posters' public displays. This message/information will be added both to the webpage that will be created for you and added below the image in the poster that will be available for preview, download and print from your webpage on this website. Please do not write the same text you have already included in your bio/statement in Step 1. Please note that once you submit your work and accept the ’contents submission agreement’ you won’t be able to go back and change your contents.


Wainting upload file...

  • Image Only
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  • Image and Text
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3. Send & Donation


PCP Archive is a project powered by Procreate Project. We are a UK registered Community Interest Company (CIC 10152597) offering platforms to support the professional development of artists who are mothers/parents.

PCP Archive doesn’t receive any regular public funding and is today a self-sustainable model, relying on artists’ donations to exist. We are committed to our provision being fully inclusive and financially accessible to all income levels. Affordability and flexibility that feel nurturing of both practices, mothering and art making, are major aspects for the decrease of the presence of women working in the art sector.

To achieve the growth of this important provision while maintaining affordability we offer three levels of donations: £2, £5 and £10. Your donation will enable the longevity of this platform for future generation to access. Please let us know if need any further support to access this opportunity.

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